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This article is about Elder Lemurians. You may have been looking for Lemurian, Evolved Lemurian, or Lemurian Cavalry..
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Elder Lemurian
405 points
23 points
Top Speed
18 km/h

Elder Lemurians are enemies in Risk of Rain Returns. They appear as much more threatening and larger Lemurians that can breath fire.


The Elder Lemurian, like its lesser subspecies, the Lemurian, is an anthropomorphic lizard creature.

Elder Lemurians have scales lining their spine and tail, they are much larger and taller than regular Lemurians and similarly wear shoulder plates and armor.

Their scales are a muted olive green color, as opposed to the iridescent purple of Lemurians.


Compared to Lemurians, Elder Lemurians are slower and bulkier, but are deadlier. They lumber towards the player upon sight.

Once in range, they breath flames in an area in front of them, rooting themselves in place for a few seconds.



The Direseeker is a hidden boss variant of the Elder Lemurian that can be found in the Magma Barracks on variations 1 & 2, appearing as an Elder Lemurian with blood red scales and spiky shoulder armor, as well as 2 large scales on its head.

It behaves identically to the Elder Lemurian, but is much stronger and classified as a boss with the subtitle "Track and Kill". Defeating it rewards an item and completes Excavation; Unlocking MinerPortrait0.pngMiner, a playable character.


Tips & Notes

  • Contrary to their attack animation, the hitbox only reaches slightly above the ground. Jumping repeatedly can avoid most of its damage.

Monster Log

Field Notes:

Seems to be very large version of the Lemurians; perhaps this great lizard is a queen? With similar armor and much thicker skin, it took much more to bring down this foe. She moves much slower and posses a powerful scorching blast.

I would willingly give up some of my dwindling rations to explore the Lemurian tunnels unnoticed. My mind envisions great communal caverns and many spectacular subterranean dwellings. Do great legions of Lemurians walk under my feet?

Version History

Patch 1.0.3
  • Fixed a crash that can occur if Direseeker is instantly killed by the player.
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